Published on 20 March 2023

Shortages in Clinical Trials Supplies
Clinical trials play a key role in developing new treatments, advancing medical knowledge, and ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical interventions. However, one of the significant challenges that researchers and pharmaceutical companies often face during their studies is shortages in clinical trial supplies.

Many factors contribute to shortages within the clinical trial sector. Notable among these are the complex supply chain, regulatory hurdles, unforeseen demand, limited manufacturer capacity, or storage and stability issues.

One of the primary causes is the complex nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain. The production and distribution of trial materials involve various stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, transportation companies, and regulatory bodies. Any disruption or delay in one part of the supply chain can lead to shortages, impacting the timely availability of materials for trials.

A range of solutions
To tackle these complex challenges, key players in the pharmaceutical sector are actively pursuing a range of solutions. These include the encouragement of international collaborations and the adoption of innovative clinical trial designs.

BMclinical pride ourselves on our ability to come up with solutions and shortages is a challenge we face. We find that thorough planning at the beginning of a study is vital and where possible we look at approaching a manufacturer directly to ensure our clients and their patients get the continuity of supply necessary.

It is not always possible to plan against a shortage, but our global network can give us access to supplies from around the world and allow regulatory discussions to help bridge these gaps.

With over 25 years of sourcing expertise, BMclinical offers unparalleled access to commercial drugs through direct relationships with innovator companies and an expansive open market supply network.

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