Even though established in 2018, BMclinical (part of the BModesto Group) brings a wealth of experience in clinical trial supply, from both sponsor and vendor perspectives. Having supplied comparator drugs to several high-profile clinical trials through our sister company BModesto, we have decided to create BMclinical to strengthen our service offering to our clients. We are committed to provide smart solutions to our clients through a consultative and collaborative approach, always remembering that we have patients at the end of the line.

BMclinical is a subsidiary of the BModesto Group which is part of the Uniphar Group. 



Founding sister company BModesto B.V.

On January 20, 2014, owner Michael Hendriks establishes the parallel import company BModesto in Lelystad.

BMclinical opgericht


Founding BMclinical B.V

BMclinical is founded. Focused on sourcing and supplying commercial drugs for use in clinical studies.



Move into new business premises Minervaweg, The Netherlands

Due to the enormous growth of the organization, there is a need for a new business premises. In February, the employees of BModesto and BMclinical move into the brand new, state-of-the-art business premises.



Founding BMmedical B.V.

With BMmedical, a second sister company is added to the organization. BMmedical focuses on medical devices and OTC.



First packaging and labeling

In 2020 we had our first packaging and labeling activity for a Covid Study in our Dutch based warehouse.



Founding BModesto Group

The BModesto Group is established in 2021 as an umbrella brand for the companies BModesto, BMclinical, BMmedical, SynCo pharma and Doncaster Pharma.



Ireland-based Uniphar Group acquires the BModesto Group. The BModesto Group and its subsidiaries will become property of Uniphar through the acquisition, and will continue to operate under its own name.

Key Pillars

With our three key pillars being of paramount importance, we ensure that we are the right partner for our clients in the commercial supply of pharmaceuticals.

Quality of Service

First and foremost is our quality of service. This isn’t just about the service levels we bring to our customers, but also about delivering the highest possible quality standards in everything we do.

Market Intelligence

Throughout the BModesto Group, we invest heavily in tools and networks to enhance our market intelligence to pass across to our customers.

Cost Savings

We understand that commercial medicine supply for your clinical studies can take up a large portion of your budget. This is why we aim to provide our customers with cost effective supply solutions.


The costs and timelines in researching and developing new drugs are increasing. That’s why we strive to reduce the rising costs and timelines in drug development, without compromising on quality.

By providing clients with cost-effective supply solutions for their clinical trials. Through our extensive network and broad market knowledge, we can source and offer commercial medicine at competitive prices. Because of our great access we can quickly deliver, causing shorter lead times.


Our mission is important to us because it defines our business and offered services. Thereby defining BMclinical’s primary objective.

”To reduce the rising costs and timelines in drug development, by providing time and cost-effective supply solutions for clinical trials without compromising on quality”.


With our vision in mind we are focused on our goals and aspirations. This way we bridge the present with the future.

”We have our heart set on a world in which any disease is curable”.


Experienced. Dedicated. Passionate. We care about your trials and bringing new innovative drugs to patients.

Shanelle Mehta

Director BMclinical

Oliver O’Neill

Senior Business Development Manager

Graeme Birrell

Business Development Manager

Roksana Milcarek

Quality Manager & Responsible Person

Thuy Tran

Senior Project Manager

Yi Huang

Project Manager

Gina Toppers

Project Manager

Francesco Pellegrino

Project Manager

Iryna de Weerd

Supply Chain Planner

Jemuël Scholten

Supply Chain Planner

Iman Hoeseni

Team Lead Warehouse


Corporate Social responsibilty

We believe that as an organization you not only have the responsibility to take care of your financial health, but also the health of the people and the world around you. That is why we work hard every day on our mission to reduce the rising costs and timelines in drug development, by providing time and cost-effective supply solutions for clinical trials without compromising on quality. We work closely together with (local) charities and organizations that strive for the same. In this way we ensure better care and well-being for our loved ones together.