Project Manager

Francesco Pellegrino
Started in 2023

M: +31 629 986 663

”I am very happy to work for BMclinical and to use my expertise to help the company make a difference for people all over the world. I am sure we will do great things together!”

ABOUT Francesco Pellegrino

Francesco, born and raised in Italy, brings a wealth of professional experience to the Project Manager role at BMclinical.

He worked as a Sales and Project Manager for various companies in Europe. In 2019, he transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry, marking the onset of his dedicated involvement in this sector.

Renowned for his adept problem-solving and client-focused project management skills, Francesco consistently approaches challenges with a strategic mindset, ensuring optimal outcomes aligning with the project requirements and client expectations.

With a combination of education, skills, and prior work experience, Francesco is well-suited to deliver results that align with BMclinical’s high standards and goals.

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