Supply Chain Planner

Iryna de Weerd
Started in 2021

M: +31 (0) 320 309 106

“My favorite part at working for BMclinical is the fact that I am contributing in Clinical Trials that are focused on saving patients lives”.


Iryna is working at our HQ in The Netherlands as Supply Chain Planner.

With several years of experience in purchase and assistant roles she started as BMclinical’s Backoffice Assistant supporting the Project Management team. After that she got a new role within the company as a Supply Chain Planner. This role fits her ambitions and interest, so this is a win-win situation!

The awesome fact about Iryna is that she speaks 4 languages. Russian, Dutch, English and Ukrainian! Iryna’s helpful countenance stems from her experience as a teaching professor of Marketing at a Ukrainian University for 18 years. She also has a PhD in Economics.

Iyrna likes gardening, baking cakes, reading books and travelling. The next destinations which are on her travelling list are Athens and the Atlantic Ocean Beach.

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